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  1. Samsung’s New Galaxy Watch Comes So Close to Delivering the Modern Wearable Dream  Gizmodo
  2. Samsung just launched a phone with a triple-lens camera, and it’s not the Galaxy S10  BGR
  3. Samsung looks to Huawei for inspiration, and the new Galaxy A7 is born  Digital Trends
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  1. Amazon shows off a new $180 Ring ‘Stick Up Cam’  TechCrunch
  2. Amazon updates Ring Stick Up Cam with same $180 price tag  The Verge
  3. The new Ring Stick Up Cam works with Ring Alarm security system  Engadget
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  1. Blizzard is cracking down on third-party apps in Overwatch  PC Gamer
  2. Blizzard Hunting Overwatch Players Who Are Using Unauthorized Third-Party Apps  Game N Guides (blog)
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  1. Why both Iran and US have taken hits from nuclear deal withdrawal  Yahoo News
  2. Iran and Israel call each other nuclear threats, ask UN to take action  Reuters
  3. Israel steps up defense of nuclear facilities amid Iran threats
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  1. France torn over video of driver slapping boy for ‘disrespect’  BBC News
  2. French bus driver faces disciplinary action for slapping boy who insulted him  ABC News
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  1. Scientists stare why many Alzheimer’s remedy fail and title particular person that can also work  Newsline
  2. Scientists discover why many Alzheimer’s drugs fail and identify one that may work  The Independent
  3. Discovery could explain why Alzheimer’s clinical trials fail  Pharmafield (press release)
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  1. Suge Knight Gets 28 Years in Prison in Hit-and-Run Plea Deal  New York Times
  2. Suge Knight to Serve 28 Years After Reaching a Plea Deal for Running Over and Killing a Man
  3. Suge Knight Pleads No Contest to Manslaughter, Gets 28 Years in Prison  Pitchfork
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  1. Deadly E. coli outbreak prompts recall of 61 tons of ground beef
  2. Cargill recalls more than 132000 lbs. of beef possibly contaminated with E. coli, USDA says  Fox News
  3. A huge ground beef recall was issued in the US after one person died and 17 fell ill from E. coli  Quartz
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  1. Taped up trainers on sale for £399 accused of glamourising poverty  Metro
  2. These grungy, taped-up designer sneakers sell for $530. Critics say they glorify poverty  CNN
  3. Luxury brand Golden Goose accused of ‘glorifying poverty’ with £428 battered trainers  Evening Standard
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  1. Micron (MU) 4th Quarter Earnings: What to Expect  Nasdaq
  2. Micron Technology Jumps After Crushing Quarterly Earnings Target  Investor’s Business Daily
  3. Micron stock gains ahead of crucial earnings report  MarketWatch
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